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Next Step

Can we reach humanity's destination in one decade?

How this Metaverse starts a positive, people-first planet

How to begin, How to grow

Unlock humanity's full potentials:  Our history and future

First decade's timeline, and beyond

How to reach our future now, and overcome obstacles from our past


What to do if You are an Executive with Interest, Large Goals, Authority and Budget — Or want a Keynote, Article, Briefing or Webinar

For services, assistance, keynote or articles contact Dan Abelow, the inventor and founder

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Expandiverse is new IP and services for a Real World Metaverse™ that raises each person to the top so that everyone can improve their life and direct a better world.

Everybody RISE is a new kind of platform to become a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone.

For Expandiverse IP contact Liquidax for licensing, partnering or acquisition 

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Liquidax represents Expandiverse Technology for licensing, partnering and acquisition.

Liquidax Capital works ahead of the change. It is a private equity based IP asset management firm that focuses on large emerging markets.


The Expandiverse Starts the ESG Personal Solutions Stage of History

Our problems are now too big for governments, corporations, international organizations and philanthropies. That means we need to reach a new stage of history where the world can solve its big problems.

A new kind of personal choice could be everyone's. With a few clicks they could add Everybody RISE's "system change" platform, with the Expandiverse's Real World Metaverse™ and its Personal Solutions Operating System.

Then everyone could see the world's best solutions customized and delivered to them personally all day long. Using them grows an ESG Personal Solutions Economy where everyone could improve their life and help solve our biggest problems.

We could fix the world in years instead of generations.

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What if we could jump ahead 50 years in just 2 to 5 years, then scale it into a positive world by the 2030's?

This is the decade to reach for our destination. It is time to become a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone.


System Change Model: When People Rise They Turn the World Upward and Positive

How do we get from today's world to a world we want? This table shows how we can "change the system" by 2025, and scale an evolving system by 2030.

Each row is a large group in society or the economy.

Each column is that group's timeline for transformation: Today's pain points, new thinking, 2-3 year platform growth, and 5-10 year system change.

This System Change produces new people-first leaders and winners across corporations, investors, NGO's, governments and people. This makes it clear how Everybody RISEs when the Expandiverse's "people-first system" begins.  

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Everybody RISE's 2-Year Work Plan and a 10-Year Growth Plan

Tech's giant platforms began as startups then scaled as they grew.

Here is Everybody RISE's 2-Year Work Plan and 10-Year Growth Plan. This uses design thinking to develop and user test proofs of concept, and prototypes. As the fit with users and markets is developed and proved, solutions can be launched and scaled digitally to grow for years and decades.

The result is the "Great RISE," which could grow to billions of uses per day. With the Internet, the time to a billion users fell to 6 to 12 years. As this RISE platform matures, the time to add a new solution and scale it to a billion users may shrink to 6 to 12 months.

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Since the Internet, the time to a billion users has shrunk to 6 to 12 years. An even faster strategy might be to partner or work with a billion-user platform. When they see the tipping point coming, they may want to help monetize billions of personal ESG solutions by tomorrow.

Since this platform grows continuous user connections, once it reaches a billion users each new ESG solution might be scaled to a billion new users in just 6 to 12 months — or eventally even 6 to 12 weeks.


Create Unlimited ESG Growth with New ESG People-First Capitalism

More value for both people and companies

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Human fulfillment and economic ESG growth will be unlocked when every person can choose their goals and the world's best available ESG solutions flow to them digitally every minute. 

Doing tasks and activities on connected devices, all day long, will make every person as powerful and successful as the world's best — while helping fix the planet.

Whole new sectors of sustainable ESG businesses can serve these new markets and demand patterns as human history reaches a new stage. Every person, worldwide, will be educated and connected enough to enjoy a lifelong journey to their full human potentials.

As new ESG solutions are discovered and proved at digital speeds, the planet will rise to its full ESG potentials. Billions of people can engage in improving their lives every minute, which will help fix the world in every one of their ESG steps.

Provable solutions as the "best choices"

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Capitalism was built on mass distribution. Adding Expandiverse provable personal solutions evolves that to empower everyone to require solutions that deliver improving lives. This historic change starts People-First Capitalism as every person takes control so that the world's best ESG solutions flow to them at low global costs, with real-time speed and digital scale.

We are in the decisive years of the Climate Crisis. As we take countless new ESG steps and apply trillions of dollars in capital to develop them, our biggest challenge will be distribution so billions of people start using them every day.

Now, with the Expandiverse, we can start and prove this new channel by 2023 to 2025, and scale it to billions of people by 2030. This is the decade for every body to rise, improve their lives and fix the world in years, not generations.

This is the decade when every person can start becoming the best in the world.

History: The Industrial Revolution will turn Universal

The Industrial Revolution is humanity's largest economic advance in history. It combined the rise of capitalism with the achievements of free individuals and the birth of powerful nation states.

The Industrial Revolution's first "Divergence" stage started in the late 1700's and produced the earliest high growth nations. These came to be called the Advanced Economies, or the First World. For about 150 years they made the mistake of thinking they were different than the rest of the world.

Its second "Convergence" stage started about the 1950's when most Third World countries reached economic growth rates far above the First World economies. In many cases they could copy and apply new technologies at far lower costs and speed. An example was starting with mobile phones and skipping land lines. These economies were led by the BRICS nations (BRICS are Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). By 2050 the former 4 largest "advanced economies" will all be replaced except for the United States.

Now a next stage, the Expandiverse's Real World Metaverse™, reaches every person and produces a successful planet by delivering personal ESG solutions in real-time. Soon everyone can replace the headwinds of personal limits and giant world problems with the tailwinds from billions of positive personal ESG steps every day.

The companies that monetize this daily flow of billions of personally chosen ESG solutions will lead their industries and the world, perhaps for decades to come.

Future: How will People-First Business work in 2025 and 2030?

A high-value economy based on higher values: The way companies create value will be rebuilt as the Expandiverse helps shift capitalism to delivering the solutions each person wants personally and privately. For businesses, these direct private relationships will raise revenues and lower costs and waste. For people, this will increase achievements and satisfaction while eliminating what damages them. For the economy, this will transform markets like food, energy, health, clothing, housing, automobiles and travel. 

Replacing a surveillance economy: Today's surveillance of everyone will be replaced by private connections that protect people and companies from the surveillance platforms. Private customer-vendor relationships will identify and deliver the solutions each person wants. Companies will keep their customers private, stopping surveillance platforms selling their customers to their competitors. As the best solutions are identified privately, these solutions will be aggregated so that everyone can use the world's best solutions. These "best solutions" will be proven at scale by their results and benefits in people's lives. That's what will be delivered universally as "your next best step" choices. As people see a solution and consider trying it, they can see the numbers that prove how well each ESG solution meets others' personal goals. This replaces biased misinformation with reality. Then as people try a solution they can connect with its vendor in a continuous private relationship to improve the benefits they receive, while increasing that company's revenues and private competitive advantages. These private digital relationships will improve lives and the planet, making this constantly improving Metaverse world the norm.

A new experience for people and planet: No one has never experienced a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone. We have never known how to build this. But the Expandiverse Metaverse could make this a universally successful ESG personal solutions world where billions of people improve their lives and the Earth every day, during all the years of their lives.

How we begin: This will start with the Real World Metaverse™, when the Expandiverse's Virtual Personal Solutions Operating System delivers powerful new ways for people to choose the goals and make the decisions that produce them. When enough people decide to live in a good home, we will make this a healthy planet that works for everyone. For the first time in 300 generations, we will be on the way to the destination we have dreamed since the sowing of the first seeds, 10,000 years ago.


The Coming Online-First world: A Personal Solutions Planet

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By 2025 to 2030 we could each receive humanity's combined guidance, abilities and digital resources every minute. We will start a historic stage where we can all improve our lives all day, every day. 

Continuous improvement by everyone will make Online-First Life and Business much more powerful than physical reality. We will live on an online-first planet, with personal global online super powers that never existed before.


Our waking hours increasingly shifted online during these two decades:

  • 2001: 6% of our waking hours were spent online at the peak of the first Internet boom
  • 2008: 18% of our waking hours were spent online as the iPhone began
  • 2016: 37% of our waking hours were spent online as mobile and social became the norm

2020: The Pandemic Shift to Online-First

The Covid-19 lockdown changed the world to Online-First. Within weeks work, life, school, shopping and entertainment were fully online. The three biggest lessons were:

  • Giant advances can happen quickly
  • Organizations and people are able to change overnight
  • The corporate leaders and losers are decided by these changes. 

The biggest competitive advantage was to see the online-first future coming, and develop those innovations and prepare. The rapid shift propelled new leaders to the top.

2024+: The Satellite-Enabled Internet

The 2020's will see the rise of the Satellite-Enabled Internet. When 7 billion people are connected, we will become an Online-First Planet: 

  • A Personal Solutions Economy will begin, and every person's life will improve faster than ever before.
  • Companies that are not online-first will risk extinction.
  • The leaders that deliver real-time solutions will add always-on connections that are personal and deep, and assist people all day long.

2025 to 2030+: The Solutions Economy

Huge digital transformations have become normal every decade. Those alive in 1980 were born in a physical-only world with only a physical reality. Then each decade transformed the world more:

  • The 1980's added PC's (Personal Computers)
  • The 1990's added the Internet and e-commerce
  • The '00's added smart phones and grew giant platforms like Google, Facebook and Amazon
  • The 2010's added mobility, social media and surveillance
  • The 2020's will add personal solutions that flow to each person based on what they do each minute. Billions of people will improve their lives continuously, all day long. 

Welcome to 2030. A people-first world will change how everyone lives and how the "system" works. Empowered people decide their goals, and a healthier, more prosperous and sustainable digital "system" serves each of them personally. Everyone can use solutions that transform their lives and the world more every day.


The Expandiverse Experience: Our Generation can be the one that Reaches Humanity's Destination

Only Expandiverse Technology is people-first, designed as "system change" technology, at world scale and raises people above tech's giant platforms and monopolistic corporations.

Welcome to the Expandiverse's Metaverse, where people Rise to lead the world — and do it on both today's devices and tomorrow's.

An Expandiverse-based platform, named Everybody Rise, could digitally scale to billions of Metaverse personal improvements every day. It could display and deliver personal ESG solutions on both today's and tomorrow's devices, increasing the daily achievements of each person, and raising the world's digital acceleration to transform climate, health, inclusion and more.

Everybody RISE starts small like any startup, delivers proof of concepts and scalable prototypes, then launches its components out of beta as they gain traction. It grows through digital blitz scaling to raise each person, and the world.

Billions of people can receive and use humanity's "next best steps" all day long. Digital Wealth and exponential growth are for everyone in the Expandiverse, not just for a few giant corporations.

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