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Teleportals: A Family of New Devices and Experiences

Teleportals are a new family of local, remote, fixed and mobile devices and experiences. Virtual teleportals put these interfaces on existing devices, so that billions of connected displays are in the Expandiverse..

These next-level physical and virtual environments could be made part of live communications by Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack (Salesforce), Google Chat, Apple FaceTime, Discord, Epic Games, Twitch, Facebook (Meta), Twitter and many more. This service could be added by communications vendors like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Vodaphone, Twilio and others.

Today, this Expandiverse layer might grow to replace iOS, Android, Windows, laptops, tablets, phones and smart televisions without waiting a decade for VR and AR glasses to evolve.

We have turned most of the world digital, but we never turned the windows in our walls into digital devices.

  • Imagine walking up to a "digital window" and having a full "digital presence" — life size in other Teleportals — in one or more rooms and places around the world. Each of your "presences" enjoys a "Shared Planetary Life Space," all the online abilities, services and resources you use together with those "in those other places," live and at your collaborative fingertips.
  • Imagine having several live Teleportals that put each of your Shared Life Spaces "in" several places at once, with the digital "super powers" that fit each place and activity.
  • Imagine flipping your digital Teleportals and Shared Spaces between lots of Teleportals in lots of places. You and others can turn all these Teleportals, connected rooms and shared places into the exciting lives you want, instead of the limited life you have. 

You won't need a headset or virtual reality. You will live, work, learn and play with all of the world's people, places, online services, connected products and global events. Every day will bring a new adventure. 

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Expandiverse IP defines new devices — physical and virtual TELEPORTALS:

What if the windows in your walls were digital devices? We could live in a live digital world, without needing headsets or virtual reality.

The cost? For large real-time screens, TV's are ever cheaper and include processors. They display interactive streaming connections with the Internet. Teleportals make large screens more interactive, beef up their computing and storage, and mount them in windows and on walls and carts at desks and in conference rooms. They add Expandiverse features with the back-end Expandiverse infrastructure, with the Everybody RISE platform, or with another platform.

Virtual Teleportals can be added to billions of existing devices: Our phones, laptops, tablets, smart TVs and wearables can be the inputs and outputs to this Expandiverse Real World Metaverse™. No VR headsets needed and no AR glasses needed (though they can be used as Teleportals).

The result? Expandiverse Teleportals might transform our world into a "digitally present" planet that lives together, everywhere. 

The impact? Many people already spend 90% of their time indoors but physical reality limits them to one room at a time. Teleportals make our Digital Planet into connected lives. The Expandiverse will be more interesting, comfortable and powerful than our limited indoor rooms and our confined physical realities.


Multiply Your Abilities, Achievements and Life All Day Long

Get a new "digital layer" over all your devices

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In the Expandiverse you can add multiple "presences" to your life. Your family, your projects at work, and your interests can each have their own "shared planetary life space:"

  • In addition to growing older, you'll grow outward.
  • In addition to life extension, you'll add life expansion.  
  • In addition to one limited life, you can add multiple super powered "presences."

In one click you could flip into the "shared life space" that fits what you're doing this minute. It's people, tools and resources are already "on" and live, maximizing your immediate actions and impacts.

When you do something different, you flip to its "presence." It's like walking into a new room and everything you need there is alive, around you and ready to use.

"Multiple presences" expand your life worldwide

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The Expandiverse adds "presences" which are each an always-on Shared Planetary Life Space. You can switch between "your presences" to live, work and play with the always-on people, services, places and super powers that are in each of them. 

Each "presence" can also have a personal and private dashboard so you know your results, problems, revenues and — with your Active Guide — your "next best steps" so you can improve every minute.

Life is too short. Science will not extend our lifespans in time for us to live a second century, especially if there are billions of people. Instead, we can each expand our lives by multiplying our "presences" and enjoying our "multiple presences" worldwide.


Expandiverse Privacy and Protections Replace the Surveillance Economy

As your life turns fully digital, how will you protect yourself and your privacy? 

As your company adds a Metaverse and digital relationships, how will your protect them from tech's surveillance platforms tracking your users and monetizing them? 

Expandiverse IP adds SIX new digital privacy  protections and "life expansions"

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Today's surveillance economy tracks and targets you when you do things online — which is most of the time for many people.

Your interests, activities and personal choices belong to everyone but you.

Instead, privacy can be made a personal digital boundary that each person controls. If you would like to live sustainably and eat healthy food, that's the ads and content that your devices deliver. What your devices present, and your use of them, can be private so that it protects you.

In this new "people-first system," private and direct e-consumption replaces surveillance advertising and e-commerce. Users and people-first organizations can share their direct relationships without feeding tech's surveillance platforms.

This can make the Earth a people-led planet and economy that can improve lives and solve the world's problems, and stop tech's platforms from forcing people to live in the obsolete non-sustainable economy.

Expandiverse shows how everyone can add privacy and protections in their lives

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Who owns your life, your actions, your goals and your needs?

The digital surveillance economy never existed until platforms like Google, Facebook and Amazon built it. They also built large ecosystems to support their surveillance businesses.

The Internet has turned into a system that profiles everyone and pumps raw digital sewage into their lives, which people don't want and wish they could control.

Now the Expandiverse provides new kinds of digital privacy and protections so everyone can retake their lives and live private, connected relationships.

What will we do with our lives when the surveillance platforms cannot monitor and try to direct our lives?

It's time to switch to an economy that people decide and control digitally, the new stage of a Private and Protected Expandiverse.


A Real Demonstration Project Shows the Opportunities

New IP, technology, operating system and Metaverse

Demonstration application: ESG Personal Solutions Platform


Everyone Hit by a Climate Disaster can Take Control, Set Their Goals and Help Fix the World

As climate disasters grow, more people will want to help 

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Disasters force people to respond. Each large climate disaster could trigger millions damaged to "Click to Lead" and help end the non-sustainable economy sooner. Other "Click to Lead" events could be health crises like Covid-19 and economic crises like inequality.

Users click to lead by choosing their goals. Companies that want to stay visible to them will fit their goals. When they do, these companies gain real-time, direct consumer relationships. They can deliver the real-time solutions and solutions their customers choose.

People and companies will evolve together to and deliver the healthy, prosperous and sustainable lives people choose.

Every person can spread their disaster successes to others, helping more people

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The real problem is we've entered an age of disasters. Unfortunately today, recovering from a disaster rebuilds old problems, which grows the climate crisis.

Instead, recover by adding advances that transform disasters into improvements in the lives of people.

People can spread this by sharing solutions. As people respond they Click to Lead. Companies and organizations that serve them gain deep direct connections to the people in need, and grow their direct and personal connections throughout their communities and countries where they add assistance.

Together, they can grow the ESG Personal Solutions Economy.


RISE Turns Constant Climate Disasters and Recoveries into a Global System to Transform Lives Everywhere

Accelerate local responses to parallel disasters

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Throughout the global South all these places suffer the same 7 kinds of disasters, according to ThinkHazard.org.

Before these disasters strike, the solutions and preventions on the right can be pre-prepared, proven and locally customized. Each solution combines global expertise and resources with local design, local experts and local cultural adaptations.

Soon they could work together to improve this global service and localize their recoveries.

Global example: Turn Covid into a system change model

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Each kind of disaster can add large numbers of new people who can join RISE quickly. The Covid-19 pandemic is an example.

The world will need to vaccinate billions of people for years to come. Personal safety guides with vaccination scheduling can connect millions of users to this gateway app.

The app also empowers people to set health goals and bridge to set more goals and solve other needs like energy, food, water, shelter, transportation and much more.

System Change Model for frequent disaster recoveries

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Why are disasters different? Because large, positive changes can be made during recoveries. RISE's "Disaster Services Theory of Change" has three stages:

  1. When a disaster occurs: Preserve and help immediately. Connecting people and services for real-time guidance and assistance.
  2. Recover and make advances: Deliver portfolios of improvements that help people and communities reach a new stage of improvements.
  3. Envision and prepare: Design, test, develop and prove new advances. Grow the solution portfolios for next recoveries.


Program: RISE Active Learning Makes Local Improvements

Educate students to lead a planet good at adapting to damaging local climate changes, with a new generation of local leaders who are good at improving local lives everywhere

Students learn by doing a class project that makes a local improvement

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Today's middle school students will graduate high school by 2030 and help lead their local communities until about 2070 when they retire.

RISE Active Learning Projects could give hundreds of thousands of classrooms a new free education curriculum based on developing a local improvement project. Students learn by identifying and researching a local need, designing a measurable improvement for it, then developing it with and for the people in their community.

They also share their project with similar projects and experts online. This prepares them to collaborate digitally by learning from others and contributing their advances. Proven solutions become models that can be added to the curriculum and applied in thousands of communities worldwide by other student projects.

Successful projects can be grown for years, anchoring both the improvement and the new leaders in their communities. 

This educates a new generation of experienced and connected leaders worldwide, ready to work locally, collaborate online and become the capable leaders of a world of constant disasters. 

Empower teachers, improve world education and grow a generation of local leaders

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Two agriculture examples are eco-restorations with mini-forests and pollinator plants on the land around fields. These capture carbon, improve soil, retain water and support local food and water security. 

Of the world's 570 million farms, 90% are run by an individual or family. These small farms produce about 80% of the world's food. RISE Active Learning projects could help a few local farmers the first year, then use their locally proven results to help more farmers each year. 

These projects could also add their local improvements to large eco-restorations like the sub-Sahara's 8,000km Great Green Wall, and the Amazon's 570,000 hectares Trinational Biodiversity Corridor.

The teacher's view (left) shows the student progress in a mini-forests project that lasts for years. Live satellite views show current agro-forests locations, sizes and growth. Metrics are from online sources. Lesson plans are at the bottom center. Student contacts are at the bottom right, enabling protected teams and student-teacher collaboration.

RISE's global online education system (right) aggregates metrics from parallel local projects in an area like agro-forestry. This dashboard reports the area's measured contribution at every level from villages to regions, countries and the world.

Students worldwide could do hundreds of thousands of local projects per year, educating a generation ready to tackle local needs in food, water, energy, health and safety. As local projects connect online, students grow skilled at working together worldwide to find the best solutions and deliver them everywhere.


Share Solutions Online so Others Improve their Lives and Fix the World 

"System change" is what happens when people take control by setting their goals and seeing humanity's best solutions in real-time. Then they can try the ones they want, see their progress and share what works best.

Could people take billions of positive steps every day, then share what's best so others can join? The potential solutions on the right of this slide include water (2 solutions), health (2 solutions), nature and food. 

By sharing solutions that work for them, people could increase others' achievements. They can help accelerate the world to transformative speed and results.

This starts small like any startup, delivers proof of concepts and scalable prototypes, then launches each component as it gains traction. It grows through digital blitz scaling to raise each person. Billions of people can take advantage of digital exponential growth, not just the giant corporations.

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What to do if You are an Executive with Interest, Large Goals, Authority and Budget — Or an Editor who wants Articles

For services, assistance or articles contact Dan Abelow, the inventor and founder

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Expandiverse is new IP and services for a Real World Metaverse™ that raises each person to the top so that everyone can improve their life and direct a better world.

Everybody RISE is a new kind of platform to become a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone.

For Expandiverse IP contact Liquidax for licensing, partnering or acquisition 

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Liquidax represents Expandiverse Technology for licensing, partnering and acquisition.

Liquidax Capital works ahead of the change. It is a private equity based IP asset management firm that focuses on large emerging markets.