Expandiverse is a new kind of "system change" technology so we can become a healthy, prosperous and sustainable world that includes everyone


A number of websites have been developed at different stages of this journey.

Now that "the system" causes overwhelming problems like the climate crisis, chronic health diseases, inequality and social justice, the solution to these problems may be to make this a People-First Planet.

Tech's winner-take-all platforms disrupt industries, take the revenues for themselves, and deliver the digital reality in which we live. 

Imagine an Online First Planet where people take digital control. Everyone has the world’s best abilities at their fingertips. Everyone can be world-class all the time. For the first time, people are winner-take-all, too. They take new benefits for themselves, and decide the digital reality in which they live.

When each person wants to end the climate crisis and inequality, and improve health and social justice, they have the digital abilities to succeed.

Next, people can choose their goals — and achieve them. Here are parts of that journey.


Expandiverse Technology

New technology to build the People First Digital Earth, with over 1,600 patent citations

Technology, Strategy, Business Model


Replace surveillance advertising and e-commerce with protected People First Connected Consumption. This is part of the system change that moves people to the top, with People-First Capitalism.

Technology, Strategy

Digital Earth 2025

Strategy and roadmaps to build the People First Digital Earth

Technology, Strategy, Business Model

Media 2025

People First platform for publishing, media, advertising and content. Disrupt surveillance advertising by taking People First leadership.


Breakthrough UX

The inventor's User Experience services to build People First products, services and platforms for a Digital First Earth

Virtual Portfolio

Dan Abelow

The inventor's virtual portfolio.


Computing ver. 2

Inventor's previous patents and IP. Licensed by over 550 companies. Received over 4,100 patent citations.

In private development

Everybody Rise (currently in private development)

A new platform to accelerate the solution of overwhelming problems at the scale of the climate crisis, inequality, inclusion and sustainability.

What do First Movers and Fast Followers get?

Those who decide to lead a positive future today may become leaders for decades to come.