About Dan Abelow, Applied Futurist

Creating an Inclusive and Prosperous Digital Future

Based on human-centric Expandiverse Technology whose patents are cited over 2,000 times

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Transform to a People-First Digital Era:

From an Applied Futurist whose previous patents have 550+ Licensees that include:

Craft the Future through Fundamental Technology Innovation

Meet Dan Abelow, an applied futurist, an alumnus of both Harvard and Wharton, with a vision to transform the world through innovative patented technologies.

Dan Abelow isn't your average futurist. He is a man with a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of how patented innovations can influence our present and future. From the start, his focus has been on creating transformative solutions that address the world's pressing issues. He is guided by one principle: Unearth those transformational innovations that uplift billions of lives, propelling humanity to a new level he calls “planetary success.”

With patented technologies recognized and used by 550 companies, including tech leaders like Microsoft, Apple, and Google, Dan's work echoes globally. His patents stand tall, cited over 4100 times, sitting in the top 0.1% of most cited US patents.

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Disruptive Innovations for Global Transformation

Turning the tide from incremental to disruptive innovation, Dan's vision for Expandiverse Technology aims at world-scale improvements

We are creatures of incremental innovation and typically advance by designing our “next step.”

However, our world is in dire need of radical solutions, requiring disruptive innovations. Dan's vision encapsulates this idea, that big ideas produce big rewards. His latest is Expandiverse Technology whose patents are cited over 2000 times, including by tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, and Google. It charts a possible path to a more inclusive and positive world.

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Bridge the Gap Between Technology and Humanity

How can technology provide tangible solutions to personal and global problems? Expandiverse Technology embodies Dan's mission to uplift billions of lives and solve the world's biggest problems.

In our era, personal limits hold down our lives, and constant crises plague our world.

What if there was a technology that could deliver immediate solutions to overcome our personal limits and global problems in real-time as we go through the day? A technology that could transform billions of lives within years? Dan works every day to answer these questions, birthing a technological revolution that includes everyone and a successful planet.

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Unleash Humanity’s Potentials with the Expandiverse

Expandiverse, Dan's latest technology, opens the door for AI vendors, major tech platforms, consultancies, and leading companies to make a key difference:
Ignite global productivity, boost personal growth, and fix the world

Expandiverse is a mission-driven initiative aiming to help you create transformative, world-lifting AI services. It invites AI vendors, tech platforms, companies and people who want to make a difference to take the lead in improving people’s lives and the world, potentially enhancing billions of lives while solving global problems.

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A Clear Message, A Credible Futurist, A Transformative Technology

Beyond selling a product, Expandiverse presents IP-based solutions to build a better future. Its core message, "Unleash Human Potential with Expandiverse: Amplify Revenues, Ignite Planetary Success by Boosting Personal Growth," echoes the emotional appeal, the human element often overlooked in AI conversations. It balances business interests with a strong human-centric message, promising a world that expands corporate prosperity by benefitting all.

With a clear message, a credible innovator and a transformative technology, the future seems not only possible but also exciting.

Connect with Dan Abelow to employ his abilities and technology on your AI journey to transform billions of lives and lead the economic transformation to first successful planet in history.