AI Advance 9: AI Reporting and Transparency

Report Personal AI Progress, Collective AI Solutions, and EVA (Economic Value Added)

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AI Pain Point:

Generative AI creates different and unexplainable results for one user at a time. Without clear reporting, AI's value for individuals, companies, and societies is unknown because it does not produce measured growth, progress to goals, and remaining gaps.

Expandiverse IP Advance:

Expandiverse IP's dashboards show both individual AI progress, and the remaining gaps for people, businesses, and societies.

The Big Idea:

Expandiverse IP shows AI results through personal progress reporting, with the anonymous discovery of “best solutions,” and insights for vendors and societies. This adds a new “Visible Hand of the Market” that produces a new quantitative “AI Solutions Economy” that can be managed, improved, and matured.

How does it Work? For people, companies, and societies, Expandiverse IP uses private AI reporting to privately show each user their progress, remaining gaps, and optimal solutions to reach their goals. Anonymous data analysis provides AI and vendors with valuable insights on users’ goals, results, gaps, and advances with their solutions, along with the frequency of uses/re-uses, and projected EVA (Economic Value Added).

What does it Show? To overcome digital society's misinformation, ranked lists of solutions can report quantitative results data that clarify users' goals, inclusion, sustainability, health, ethics, results, advances, and other parts of the "user-chosen reality" that people, businesses, economies, and societies choose to live.

What’s the Difference? Reporting fosters measured data-driven AI progress journeys for users, stakeholders, and “quantitative collaborative reality,” making AI-driven advances visible, tangible and actionable — with participation in Expandiverse IP's “AI Solutions Economy” crucial to benefit from its personal and competitive business advances.

AI dashboards privately link to ranked lists of solutions for personal goals, and anonymously aggregate current results to show collective goals, solutions used, and gaps

aI's next level:

Progress reports transforms personal and collective AI uses into actionable insights that incentivize daily uses:

  • Personal Progress Dashboards: Users privately track personal progress towards goals like sustainability, health, or inclusion, with AI providing real-time personalized assistance to help fill each user’s priority gaps.
  • Vendor Insights: Vendors receive aggregated, anonymized data on user goals, preferred solutions, and gap sizes, enabling them to tailor improvements in their products and services, accelerate innovations, capture IP, grow revenues, and demonstrate visible contributions that solve market needs.
  • Quantitative “AI Solutions Economy”: AI identifies “best solutions” across users and scales their personalized deliveries, expanding collective progress at world scale. This new "best solutions" visibility accelerates a rapid AI learning-and-improvements system for solving personal challenges in real time, dealing with global problems, and discovering innovations to capture them as IP.

The Big Picture: These Expandiverse IP advances position AI as the catalyst for a reality-based Global AI Renaissance, where billions of users make measurable daily progress towards the personal and collective goals that they choose. A share of their AI-driven daily transactions pays for anonymously collecting, analyzing, and delivering this new platform-scale collaborative advances whose provable value benefits everyone who wants them, to lift their lives in the ways they choose.


Visible AI progress and gaps increase revenues in areas with goals, and in areas with gaps that need new innovative IP:

  • Increasing AI Demand and Revenues: Growing AI’s reporting creates demand for AI assistance that serves user-responsive vendors, growing their revenues in the AI provider’s private markets.
  • Tailored Vendor Solutions: Vendors leverage AI insights to tailor personalized products, services, and AI assistance that grows their AI-driven funnels that fit each user’s goals and interactions — increasing their user engagements, transactions, uses, satisfaction, and loyalties.
  • New Revenue Streams: Personalized AI interactions open new usage discoveries, identification of “best choices” and scalable deliveries that grow provable quantitative funnels for AI-driven transactions, visible user progress, and vendor revenues — adapting collaborative private AI learning to capture new markets and industries.

Growing revenue streams are added by personal goals, the AI-driven solutions used at scale, and the new markets and market shares captured
Climate-damaged communities use their AI dashboards to track and share successful climate adaptations with other vulnerable communities worldwide — and learn from others "best solutions" in turn


Today's digital misinformation societies threaten everyone. With privately lifted lives as an alternative, anonymous learning continuously improves an Expandiverse IP collaborative reality with a quantitatively provable "Visible Hand of the Market:"

  • User Scenario: A user sets a lower-waste goal; AI helps identify sustainable products and disposal, and tracks progress so they know their impact — and can share it with others who want lower waste.
  • Company Scenario: A local government in a coastal community uses AI to assist in reducing its community carbon impacts, with AI suggesting lower carbon strategies for its government departments and their activities, then analyzing data and reporting its community-scale progress as its visible contribution to helping end the climate crisis.
  • Global Scenario: Vulnerable communities use AI to track local climate adaptation activities, quantifying their most successful strategies, and exchanging “best climate adaptations” with similar climate-damaged communities worldwide.

The Bottom Line: 

Expandiverse IP transforms AI into a visible global growth engine, driving the personal, business, and societal advances each person chooses, at the digital scale of lifting billions daily — to start the first Global AI Renaissance that can include everyone.

This quantitative view of personal progress and humanity's status adds visible "collaborative reality" reporting that replaces today's misinformation societies.

If you would like to transform the world's challenges into your AI leadership, connect with us to explore how Expandiverse IP can add to your AI advantages, and grow your role and value.

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