Active Guide:
Empower Everyone

Harness the Promise of AI

How can we transition from the real threats of AI to the realizable potentials of AI solutions? The Active Guide offers a compelling answer, delivering AI as an instrument of personal empowerment, ensuring daily progress and continuous growth that includes everyone.

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Key Steps with the Active Guide


Benefit from Personal Real-Time Assistance: Always Have the World's Best Solutions at Your Fingertips


Rely on Responsive Instant Advice: Get Experienced Instant Answers to Your Questions


Assess Your Progress and Accelerate: Use Your Personal Dashboard to Clarify Your Needs and Add Solutions


Secure Your Privacy: Protect Your Personal and Company Information


Transform from Misinformation Culture to Best Solutions: Shift to a People-First Culture of Personally Chosen Solutions that are validated

Use the Active Guide: Lift People, Employees, Societies

Empower and elevate billions with AI, transforming today's AI disruption into progress for everyone

Active Guide reduces AI's computing costs, delivers personal solutions instantly and individualizes growth, elevating everyone to the world's highest achievable levels


Personal Real-Time Assistance: Empower Everyone with the World's Best Solutions

Your Active Guide Delivers Solutions You Choose

The Active Guide, with its intelligent AI interface, surfaces "world's best" solutions pertinent to each task and step, enabling everyone to choose and interactively implement the best choices in real-time.

This personal assistant transforms each task into immediate choices and opportunities that advance billions of people's steps every day.

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Envision the transformative opportunities with these examples*:

  • Master-level Cooking: Active Guide puts your favorite world-renowned chef in your kitchen, helping you perfect each recipe in real-time. 
  • Instant Tutoring: Struggling with calculus or another subject? Active Guide provides continuous expert tutors, the right teacher to clarify each complex concept.
  • Boost Your Fitness: Active Guide outlines an optimal workout for your current fitness level, with a coach who adapts to your style, to guide you throughout.
* Scenarios in 2 to 5 years as AI adds plugins and Active Abilities.


Get Instant Advice with Personal Experienced Responses

Interactive Real-time Answers to Your Questions

Active Guide delivers personal, instant advice from successful individuals in the field you're asking about. When you have a question get answers in real-time, keeping you growing quickly and developing more. When answers are used the AI learns them privately. As the volume of Q&A's grows, the best questions and answers are matched, turning future questions into matched instant replies.

(Your questions can be anonymous or identified, with respondents anonymous or identified, so everyone has as much privacy as they want.)

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Envision the transformative opportunities with these examples*:

  • Sustainable Decisions: Active Guide suggests eco-friendly choices during your everyday activities, from experienced eco-friendly people who eliminated their carbon footprint. 
  • Software and Device Usage: Active Guide adds instant advice to help you use software applications, phones and other digital devices seamlessly.
  • Job Performance: Active Guide turns a task into a team, adding instant answers as you work, helping everyone meet their challenges.
  • Art & Craft: Active Guide provides instant experienced suggestions on each artistic technique and crafting method.
* AI examples in 2 to 5 years as AI adds plugins and Active Abilities.


See Your Progress and Impacts: Visualize Growth

A Personal Dashboard Tracks Your Achievements, Shows Gaps, Finds Opportunities, Guides Next Steps

The Active Guide dashboard offers a personal overview of your achievements, your sustainability impacts, and suggestions for accessing more "world's best" solutions. Switch from not knowing to having a visual compass, guiding your personal journey as you ascend and actively turn your life into what you want.

Increase your strength, abilities, control: Explore the "world's best solutions" to the right of each metric. Have Active Guide grow your strength, abilities and control 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Envision the transformative opportunities with these examples*:

  • Sustainability Percentages: See your environmental impacts and get your next best steps for greener living.
  • Life Goals: Set your personal goals in Assembly Layers and reach them with Active Guide, seeing your progress after any guided step.
  • Financial Milestones: Keep an eye on your costs in each area and get Active Guide assistance in living better within what you can afford.
* AI examples in 2 to 5 years as AI adds plugins and Active Abilities.


Ensure Your Privacy: Safeguard Your Data

Respect and Protect Your Personal Information

Active Guide and Assembly Layers set a privacy milestone by adding new Expandiverse Privacy Technologies. These can replace today's tracking, giving you stringent privacy for your personal and company information. It offers a ladder of protections, empowering you to safeguard your data so you thrive in the ways you want:

  • Full privacy: You're anonymous and encrypted, with no personal history and no reporting. Only the real-time impacts of each separate step are visible.
  • Grow privately: Add personal results reporting but keep your account anonymous with no links to your identity. See your ascent in the ways you want so you know your progress, gaps and next steps.
  • Full acceleration: Receive continuous Active Guide and Assembly Layers assistance to reach the goals you set. Maximize your progress to the life you choose and want.
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Envision the transformative opportunities with these examples*:

  • Understand Your Data: Learn how your data is used privately to assist you with transparent reporting. See the differences with how the data industry tracks and sells your data.
  • Customize Your Privacy: Active Guide guides you through its simple process to select the privacy and protections you want.
  • Expand Your Privacy: Have Active Guide increase your digital protections. Replace unwanted tracking with more defenses and encryption, so your life belongs to you.
* AI examples in 2 to 5 years as AI adds plugins and Active Abilities.


From Misinformation to Personal Solutions that Work: A Cultural Revolution

Embrace Proven Solutions to Evolve a Healthy, People-First Culture

Active Guide champions a shift from the current toxic misinformation culture to a proven solutions culture. It delivers informed metrics on current goals, progress and gaps. It enables projections based on the range of "world's best solutions" people use privately, and their rates of adoption. Its new quantitative transparency counters misinformation, paving the way for clear decisions by solutions-focused people, organizations and societies who live in the real world.

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Envision the transformative opportunities with these examples*:

  • Accountable AI: Active Guide can provide the metrics on each need's best solutions and its results, making this AI-based guide valid and trustworthy.
  • Transparent Metrics: Get clear visibility of the impact of personal, group and collective actions via Active Guide.
  • Reliable News: Let Active Guide fact-check articles as you read them, promoting verified information.
  • Truthful Marketing: Active Guide looks beyond marketing to provide information about products and services, so you can make accurate choices.
* AI examples in 2 to 5 years as AI adds plugins and Active Abilities.


Active Guide: The Pinnacle of Personal Progress

Welcome to the Expandiverse Active Guide, a revolutionary innovation designed to catalyze the journey towards unprecedented levels of success. By integrating an AI vendor's services with the unique aspirations of every user, Active Guide pioneers a new era of personal AI assistance, enhancing lives while driving the commercial success of AI-boosted businesses.

Imagine a world where each task and step are an opportunity for personal growth, where every challenge and problem are a catalyst for innovation. In this world, the Expandiverse Active Guide is your companion, your partner, your pilot to continuous achievements. It not only offers personal guidance based on your individual actions and behaviors but also delivers frequent upturns in your progress, lifting you to greater heights.

The magic of Active Guide lies in its ability to convert the latent potential of AI into tangible progress that can advance every step people take. It does this by enabling people to instantly select from its AI's best choices, with transactions monetized to generate frequent revenues. By commercializing the products and services sales produced by an Expandiverse Solutions Economy, its AI platform could grow the massive financial resources it takes to develop the best AI’s, help billions improve their lives, fix world problems, and deliver personal assistance to billions all day long.

This includes optimizing the solutions delivered, by discovering new and better solutions then delivering the world's best known solutions, so everyone can choose and improve in the ways they want:

Continuous Discovery of Larger Achievements, Elevating Everyone with the Power of AI

Active Guide drives continuous learning: As AI enhances individual successes it learns from the most unique accomplishments, discovers improved solutions, and delivers the superior solutions in real-time. This continuous cycle of discovery, learning, and elevation moves everyone to humanity's highest abilities in real-time, starting the new norm of a planet where everyone can be the best.

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Example discoveries of new and better solutions*:

  • Expanded lifetime learning
  • Economic inclusion for everyone
  • Sustainable innovations immediately taken up worldwide
* AI examples in 2 to 5 years as AI learns and makes discoveries.

For leading AI platforms and companies, this earns the financial resources to hire the best AI experts, run the best AI models, and solve AI's current problems by overcoming today's limits. With these revenues, these AI's can deliver the personal assistance billions need to achieve their full potentials.

From aiding each business employee making the best operating decisions, to helping each student excel in their studies, the Active Guide transforms every step's innate desire for immediate success into a new reality everyone experiences. It's not about driving AI's commercial success; it's about enhancing every person's life multiple times every day, fixing the world's problems, and empowering billions of people to improve their lives every day:

Pioneering the First Successful Planet in History: Leap Ahead to a Sustainable, Inclusive, Prosperous World

Active Guide is an actual process to reach a new era: Universal success. Can we make this transformative leap in one decade?

Once Active Guide's AI platform assists everyone in real-time with personalized world's best solutions, the answer is a resounding yes. This process empowers each person while accelerating our collective progress. We can start living on humanity's first successful planet by the 2030s

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Example transformations growing rapidly within the first decade*:

  • Sustainable choices for billions of daily real-time decisions
  • Growing everyone's economic inclusion
  • Continuous personal growth to our potentials
* AI examples in 2 to 5 years as AI learns and makes discoveries.

In humanity's grand history of progress, the Active Guide and Assembly Layers are key milestones. The Expandiverse launches a vivid picture of a future where AI is not merely a tool, but an integral part of our lives, our trusted partner in our quest for success.

Here is a shining beacon in the confusing expanse of AI's possibilities, guiding us towards a positive future of limitless personal progress, as we all start growing toward humanity's dream of universal prosperity on a successful planet that includes everyone.

Open IP Case: Unlock New Opportunities for You to Add Patents at the U.S. Patent Office

Expandiverse Technology offers an unparalleled opportunity to consider transforming your AI-driven business with more Expandiverse patents from its Open Case at the U.S. Patent Office

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2,000+ Patent Citations

Cited More Than 99.9% of All U.S. Patents

The part of Expandiverse IP that relates to Assembly Layers and Active Guide already includes U.S. Patent 11,222,298, and U.S. Patent Application 17/535,307.

One-third of the 2,033 patent citations are by these 20 world-leading tech companies.

The Patent Filing's 11 Binders

The patent filing's 11 binders show the depth and breadth of Expandiverse Intellectual Property.

Don't miss this chance to harness this IP to acquire and build additional patents your AI will need.

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Active Guide:
A Special Collection in the Expandiverse Technical Library

The owner of this IP can create a powerful patent portfolio in the most important parts of tomorrow’s AI delivery systems for our digital lives and economy.

See this Table of Contents for ways you could use this IP to build a patent portfolio that assists and protects your AI businesses.

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(Click image to see it full size)

The 14-volume Expandiverse Technical Library

The Expandiverse Technical Library consists of 14 comprehensive volumes adapted from this Intellectual Property (patent) filing that is kept as an Open Case at the U.S. Patent Office, to file more patents. 

Unleash Your AI's Potential with Active Guide: Deliver Personal Growth on a 21st Century Planet

Experience your AI expanding personal growth with Active Guide, driving an unlimited growth cycle: AI enhances individual achievements, subsequently learns from success patterns, and delivers these advances to elevate everyone to humanity's highest levels. 

In this unprecedented era, Active Guide fosters a future where everyone can thrive by partnering with AI in a journey towards a universally successful planet that empowers everyone.