AI Advance 10: AI Revenues Leadership

Lead the World's AI Revenues: Your AI Lifts the World

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AI Pain Point:

Instead of using your AI, your markets use the world’s best AIs for free or low cost, so your lack of AI moats kills your revenues.

Humanity's Pain Point:

Limited Lives. Throughout human history economics was dominated by scarcity and poverty, politics by elites capturing power and wealth, lives were largely predetermined by birth, and cultures enforced the past by limiting ways to improve.

Expandiverse IP Advance:

AI with Expandiverse IP enables every person to set their goals and use real-time “world’s best choices” that are continuously improved by the results of real interactions. This process scales to uplifting billions daily and privately, with low computing costs from "best solution" lookups — unleashing personal growth, business growth, and the start of a Global AI Renaissance for world growth, with planet-scale monetization in the AI provider's private markets.

The Big Idea:

A Global AI Renaissance is a transformative "AI Solutions Economy" where AI technologies, with Expandiverse IP, assist billions daily in elevating their personal lives, driving sustainability and growth by people, businesses, and societies.

How does it Work? Expandiverse IP AI funnels optimize personalized AI solutions and deliver them in real-time across devices, fostering a dynamic ecosystem with its new “Visible Hand of the Market”. This new "user-directed free market” overcomes historic limits by continuously identifying and delivering improvements at world scale, so everyone always knows the "world's best choices" for their current task.

What’s the Difference? Personalized assistance to individuals produces transactions that grow revenue streams for the AI providers, addressing personal and global challenges through a scalable “AI Solutions Economy”. Instead of limited business opportunities, applying AI to lift the world delivers private world-scale AI growth for all. Its monetization replaces surveillance platforms like search, advertising, and commerce.

Global AI inclusivity expands AI benefits to all people, communities, and societies, driving inclusive progress and global economic growth

aI's next level:

Expandiverse IP adds AI benefits for all, fostering an empowered, inclusive, and sustainable world:

  • Personalized AI Empowerment: AI aligns with personal goals, offering continuous guidance across devices.
  • Industry Leadership: AI-guided transactions drive revenues to the AI providers and responsive companies, growing their business leadership.
  • Ethical and Sustainable AI: Ensures privacy, trust, and alignment with user goals, sustainability, and personal values.
  • Global Inclusivity: Expands AI benefits to all people, communities and societies, driving progress for all.

The Big Picture: Expandiverse IP enables a Global AI Renaissance by democratizing AI to elevate human lives by turning it into real-time assistance that helps lift billions daily — monetizing the transactions in world-scale private markets.


Expandiverse IP converts AI interactions into scalable revenue streams:

  • Personal Growth-Focused Transactions: Users drive new revenue streams through AI solutions and transactions that reflect their goals and their daily personal improvements.
  • Rapid Vendor Adaptations: Anonymously aggregated AI insights help vendors tailor offerings, aligning with the market and increasing satisfaction.
  • Sustainable Practices: AI promotes sustainable choices and shows eco-impacts, enabling billions to help end the climate crisis every day.
  • Conversion to AI-Guided Monetization: AI assistance delivers provable solutions, safely and privately monetizing billions of daily transactions.

AI-guided transactions deliver trustworthy proven local solutions safely and privately for billions of daily transactions in the AI vendor's private markets
Users share goals and settings via social media for rapid adoptions and digitally scalable AI-driven growth by others, students, and families — such as planet-wide sustainable lifestyles and inclusive progress


With today's growing problems, we can all try the best solutions rapidly, and share the effective ones immediately:

  • User Scenario: Users experience new growth options by trying others’ goals and settings. For instance, after an environmental disaster, millions might add AI-guided sustainability goals. 
  • Company Scenario: AI decisions flow in real-time through supply chains, aligning production and logistics with new user demands. For example, fast supply chains respond quickly to people's AI-guided sustainable choices.
  • Global Scenario: Continuous AI-driven learning elevates people and companies to new solutions at world scale. For instance, over 70% want more sustainability action, driving competitive leadership by sustainable companies.

The Big Picture: The Expandiverse IP name for this is "AnthroTechTonics:" This new portmanteau (a combination word) is created from "Anthro" for people, "Tech" for technology, and "TechTonics" (tectonics) for people choosing advances that move the Earth.

The Bottom Line: 

By applying Expandiverse IP to lead a Global AI Renaissance, your company's AI can empower billions daily and benefit from AI-driven transactions in your private markets, across a sustainable, inclusive AI Solutions Economy.

Connect with us today to harness Expandiverse IP and transform the AI revenue crisis, and the world's challenges, into economic opportunities. Drive the growth of people, businesses, and positive societal advances for all.

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