AI Advance 1: AI Revenues

Today’s AI Revenue Crisis: The Path To Financial Success

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AI Pain Point:

Insufficient AI revenues for AI’s high costs. 26,000 AI investments compete against the world's best AI's which are free or low cost, threatening their survival.

Expandiverse IP Advance:

Users set their goals, which controls dynamic personalization of content and choices, presenting the best proven options that assist the users in reaching their goals.

The Big Idea:

Personalized AI content and choices automate AI assistance with each user’s goals, daily activities, achievements, consumption, and satisfaction. This scales to deliver low-cost personalized assistance to billions of users daily.

How Does It Work? Solution optimizations turn AI generations into “world’s best current solutions” that are low-cost lookups with proven safety. These are displayed privately in real-time during tasks, with real-time proofs by transparent quantitative results data.

What’s the Difference? This advance can significantly enhance user achievements, engagement, and revenues by delivering tailored content and choices that meet personally selected goals and needs — replacing growing percentages of search, advertising, and online commerce.

Users select their goals and engage with personalized content and choices that keep them engaged, increasing daily uses

aI's next level:

Here’s how personalized and optimized AI content can transform your user relationships and AI business:

  • User Engagement Boost: Users select their goals. Tailored content and choices keep users engaged, increasing their daily uses and interactions.
  • Enhanced User Satisfaction: Personalized, private experiences lead to higher user satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Operational Efficiency: Anonymous data optimizations ensure cost-effective, collaborative, and world-scale AI data sources. These produce real-world AI learning and operations — without compromising user privacy and protection from surveillance platforms.
  • Quantitative AI Safety Proofs: Transparent optimization data provide verifiable results, building trust with users and regulators — replacing rampant misinformation with verifiable “collaborative reality”.
  • Example — People Solve the Climate Crisis: Users who select the personal goal of “A Sustainable Life” have AI tailor their devices interfaces to promote eco-friendly content and choices, boosting engagement, vendor revenues, and visible market shifts from the eco-solutions they use.

The Big Picture: This personalized AI approach not only addresses AI’s revenue imbalance but also sets the stage for AI-driven global leadership by fostering user satisfaction, operational efficiencies and user goals-directed vendors and industries.


Here’s how this advance drives revenue growth:

  • Improvement Transactions: Personalized "proven best choices" content encourages users to make personal improvements that drive daily life improvements and transactions — without needing search, advertising, or online shopping.
  • Daily Engagement: Multiple daily goals-driven interactions amplify personal advances, producing transactions that open revenue streams and grow them when re-purchased.
  • Private Markets Infrastructure: Grows a robust infrastructure for private markets, enhancing ecosystem participation by both users and vendors to harness these secure sales and monetization opportunities.

Inclusive personal development scales to the goals each user chooses
Growth of personal solutions enhances both users and vendors


Today, most people live limited lives with few options for major improvements. But this AI advance enables:

  • User Scenario: Personal AI growth engine uplifts everyone by providing actionable real-time insights with tailored content, choices, and transactions that replace searches, ads, and online shopping with useful, proven options for substantial personal growth.
  • Business Scenario: Businesses see amplified growth through multiple daily personalized AI interactions that grow user achievements, sales revenues, usage successes, and customer relationships and value.
  • Global Scenario: Inclusive personal development drives a sustainable private markets AI platforms infrastructure that scales to new personal goals, real-time solutions, scalable growth by user-focused vendors, and increasing market shares of growth-focused industries.

The Bottom Line: 

Expandiverse IP’s personalized AI content can revolutionize your AI business, driving engagement, satisfaction, and sustainable revenue growth for you and your growing ecosystem.

Let’s lead the AI transformation together.

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