AI Advance 3: Personal Goals

Active Personal Goals: AI's Constant Touchpoints with Billions

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AI Pain Point:

AI doesn’t automatically personalize itself to each person's goals, needs, activities, and questions — which adds obstacles like learning prompt engineering, or creating custom AI's.

Expandiverse IP Advance:

Transition from search, advertising and e-commerce to direct AI solutions that deliver real-time personalized assistance to billions daily — monetizing people's personalized AI-assisted choices in private markets.

The Big Idea:

Expandiverse IP's user-focused triggers activate personalized assistance by the user’s goals, actions, or questions. Learning from user interactions, it continuously improves the private solutions it presents.

How does it work? Innovative funnels discover what works best for each user by proposing personalized solutions privately, and learning from user interactions. As “best solutions” are discovered and proved, they are delivered in real-time through low-cost lookups, promoting individual excellence that is reported in a personal dashboard.

What’s the Difference? Expandiverse IP's quantitative AI funnels develop the best solutions for each goal, monetizing each user’s private AI-driven transactions as they elevate lives by personalizing "the world's best known solutions" for billions daily.

User-focused AI funnels guide users to personalized solutions

aI's next level:

Here’s how personalized AI can transform daily uses for billions:

  • Personalized Assistance: Expandiverse IP uses triggers to activate AI assistance based on user goals, actions, and questions. This ensures AI responds to personal needs accurately and efficiently.
  • User-Focused AI Funnels: These funnels guide users to the best solutions tailored to their specific goals, whether it's finding the right meal plan or optimizing their daily schedule.
  • Continuous Improvement: AI continuously learns and adapts from user interactions, refining its recommendations and increasing the value provided to each user.
  • Privacy and Trust: All interactions are kept private, building trust and ensuring users feel safe using the platform.
  • Seamless Integration: The AI works across all devices, creating a unified and seamless user experience.

The Big Picture: This AI advancement fosters a Global AI Renaissance, empowering billions to achieve their goals daily and driving collective progress to learn the best solutions and help produce the goals people choose.


Quantitative AI funnels open new revenue streams by guiding users to personalized solutions and transactions:

  • Enhanced Engagement: Personalization increases user engagement and satisfaction, leading to higher transaction volumes.
  • Optimized Offerings: AI insights help businesses tailor their offerings to meet user needs more effectively, driving sales and loyalty.
  • Private Market Growth: Users' private AI interactions create a demand for vendors that cater to personalized needs, expanding market opportunities.

Growth of private markets and revenues is produced by personalized AI-driven interactions and solutions that help each user reach their goals
Personal health and wellness: Achieve current goals with personalized meal plans and exercise routines


Explore how this AI advancement impacts users, businesses, and the world:

  • User Scenario: A health-conscious individual receives personalized meal plans and exercise routines, achieving their fitness goals efficiently.
  • Company Scenario: Local farms adapt their practices based on AI-driven insights, optimizing yield and sustainability.
  • Global Scenario: AI supports a sustainable food system, promoting climate-friendly agriculture practices worldwide.

The Bottom Line: 

Expandiverse IP’s Quantitative AI Funnels enable personalized, goal-driven AI interactions, transforming user experiences and creating new monetization opportunities in private markets.

Ready to lead the AI revolution? Let’s harness the power of personalized AI to unlock new potentials and drive your global AI leadership.

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