AI Advance 6: Cross-Devices Personal AI

Unified AI Experiences Across User Devices for Inclusive Growth

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AI Pain Point:

As each person uses multiple devices, limited AI personalization across devices restricts user control, AI usefulness, and accurate AI experiences.

Expandiverse IP Advance:

Unified AI experience across devices empowers users with direct control over their AI environment, enabling simple and direct personalization with the real-time assistance they want to use.

The Big Idea:

Does technology control users, or do users control technology?

With Expandiverse IP, users control their AI digital environment across their devices, shifting them from user-targeted surveillance to user-controlled private AI-driven technology.

How does it Work? Expandiverse IP provides the first key steps toward a virtual personal OS that employs AI to unify each user's experience across their platforms and devices. Users personalize AI’s assistance by aligning it with their personal goals and values, and AI personalizes their user interfaces privately for the content and choices each user wants.

What’s the Difference? This approach empowers users to control technology, rather than being controlled by it. Each user's goals and interactions evolve a private user-directed AI ecosystem that serves every person individually.

User control: User aligns AI goals, priorities, and filters across devices

aI's next level:

Unlock every person’s full potentials with AI that delivers a personalized, user-controlled environment across their devices:

  • User-Centric Control: Users define digital filters based on their goals, values, and ethics.
  • Device Integration: Seamless AI-driven experiences across all user devices.
  • Dynamic Personalization: AI adapts content and interfaces to individual user preferences in real time.
  • Ethical Alignment: Users’ ethical standards influence their digital interactions and purchases.

The Big Picture: Expandiverse IP fosters a shift from today’s user-centered surveillance to new user-controlled technology, creating a personalized, ethical, and inclusive AI environment. This lays the foundation for a Global AI Renaissance that enhances lives and uplifts billions daily.


Discover new revenue streams and grow them through enhanced user control over AI-driven experiences:

  • Personalized Transactions: Users' personalized AI experiences drive targeted transactions.
  • Subscription Services: Enhanced user control boosts subscriptions for AI-driven services that protect users.
  • Advertising Revenue: User-defined preferences create accurate advertising opportunities that fit each user's goals and values.
  • Device Sales: Integrated AI experiences increase demand for compatible devices on all platforms.

AI earns ad revenues with advertisements across devices that fit a user's goals, priorities, and filters
To be presented as AI-driven solutions users want on their devices, businesses adapt products and services to meet user goals, values, and ethical standards


See how personalized AI experiences drive growth and innovation:

  • User Scenario: Users shape their digital experiences to reflect personal values, driving corporate growth through user alignments.
  • Company Scenario: Companies align their products and services with users’ ethical standards to access digital ecosystems.
  • Global Scenario: In response to climate change, users adopt AI filters for sustainable products, influencing global markets and industry trends.

The Bottom Line: 

Unified AI experiences empower users, drive ethical business practices, and promote sustainable growth, contributing to the possibility of a user-guided AI-driven Renaissance that includes everyone .

Join us in revolutionizing AI by empowering user control that fosters inclusive growth. For personalized AI that drives growth for both users and companies, contact us today to learn how to integrate Expandiverse IP into your AI.

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