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Dan Abelow

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Dan Abelow, Inventor, Author, Speaker and Tech Consultant

Dan Abelow
Creator, Inventor

+1 407 786 7422

Virtual portfolio: Abelow.com

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How can I help you?

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  • Talk: Private discussion, Q&A, a free consultation
  • IP: License or acquire Expandiverse Technology IP
  • Consulting to help create technology, develop products and online systems: Assist in managing, creating and developing new technology, products, business systems and digital transformations
  • CX and UX (Customer Experience and User Experience): Manage, design or test CX and UX to fit your customers, employees, supply chains and markets
  • Speaking: Keynote speech, private briefing, workshops, informal talk, conference panel or custom webinar
  • Writing: Article, interview or private analysis
  • Another goal: What would you like, and when do you need it?